MSPEC Shift Lights

MSPEC shift lights are Australian made and a great add-on to any iRacing set up. You can buy your own HERE

All MSPEC shift lights come with a fully adjustable and adhesive stand and a high quality 2m USB 2.0 cable

Here are some users youtube demos:

4 thoughts on “Information

  1. Can you provide a small sample of code on how to turn the light on and off without your software or Olof’s. I want to get it working with other simulators.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      The shift light LED’s are activated by setting COM port RTS line to ON.
      (apologies for the late response!)

  2. Can it work with a 3.0 USB ports I’m running low on 2.0 ports but have 2 spare 3.0 ports

    1. Yep, I have mine plugged into a USB3 port 🙂
      Thanks Dave.

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